NORM Remediation in the West Texas Oilfield

NORM Remediation Services

NORM, or “Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material” is a common byproduct of the drilling process. Oil and gas companies are required to clean up or address this byproduct through NORM remediation.  C & C Coatings’ expertise in this area of oilfield management provides a turnkey solution to meet the budget and schedule for companies in need of NORM remediation.


We enable oil and gas companies to remain in compliance with state and federal regulations while protecting the public and the environment by safely removing NORM materials in a controlled setting. Every worker on our remediation projects is trained in NORM awareness.  In addition to all workers receiving NORM awareness training, each project is staffed with a superintendent that is a trained and certified Radiation Safety Officer (RSO).  Our credentialed RSO’s  provide the following NORM remediation services:

NORM remediation is necessary because as time passes more of the material accumulates in pipes where there are pressure changes and in storage facilities such as tanks. When the NORM reaches a certain concentration level it is then deemed a hazardous material and must be remediated per regulatory requirements and standards. Upon completion of NORM remediation, the material is safely transported to an approved disposal facility.  NORM is usually disposed at sites where it is sullied and then injected into salt domes that are thousands of feet under the Earth’s surface.

If you suspect that NORM is an issue for your activities in the oilfield, call on C&C Coating and Construction to evaluate your need for NORM remediation services.